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Forged Needle Valve

1/8" - 3/8" NPT
1/8" and 1/4" Dual Ferrule Tube
Vacuum - 5000 Psig (345 Bar)


Series FNV Needle Valves feature a forged body, integral bonnet design with PTFE and metallic wafer stem packing. This provides leak-tite service from vacuum to the maximum operating pressure. Series FNV are available in Straight and Angle configurations, with NPT and Dual Ferrule Tube connections. The industry standard panel mounting allows the FNV to be a cost effective solution to many applications. Standard metal to metal stem and optional Soft Tip stem provide accurate metering over a wide range of pressures. The Series FNV can be ordered cleaned for Oxygen Service.


  • Metallic and PTFE Wafer Stem Packing provides low operating torque
  • Panel Mounting Standard
  • Metal to Metal Standard, Optional Soft Stem Tip (PCTFE)
  • Straight or Angle Body Configurations
  • Male and Female NPT or Dual Ferrule Tube Connections
  • Suitable For Cryogenic Service
  • 100% Factory Tested

Technical Data

  • Maximum Operating Pressure @ 100º F
    • Brass: 3000 Psig (207 Bar)
    • Stainless: 5000 Psig (345 Bar)

Temperature / Pressure Ratings

Materials of Constructions

Dimensionsional Data

Flow Coefficient (Cv) @ Turns Open

Ordering Information

PROPER COMPONENT SELECTION - When specifying a component, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe and trouble-free performance. Intended component function, materials compatibility, pressure ratings, installation, environment and maintenance are the responsibility of the system designer.

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Forged Needle Valve
ModelSizeFile TypeDownload
FNV-2F1/8" Female NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2FA1/8" Female NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2FSS-SH1/8" Female NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2FSS-X1/8" Female NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2M1/8" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2M4T1/8" M NPT x 1/4" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-2M4TA1/8" M NPT x 1/4" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-2MA1/8" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2MF1/8" M x 1/8" F NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2MFA1/8" M x 1/8" F NPTSTEP Download
FNV-2MT1/8" M NPT x 1/8" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-2MTA1/8" M NPT x 1/8" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-2T1/8" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-2TA1/8" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-4F1/4" Female NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4FA1/4" Female NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4M1/4" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4MA1/4" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4MB-K-X1/4" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4MF1/4" M NPT x 1/4" F NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4MFA1/4" M NPT x 1/4" F NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4MFB-X1/4" M NPT x 1/4" F NPTSTEP Download
FNV-4MT1/4" M NPT x 1/4" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-4MTA1/4" M NPT x 1/4" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-4T1/4" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-4TA1/4" TubeSTEP Download
FNV-6M3/8" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-6MA3/8" Male NPTSTEP Download
FNV-6MB-K3/8" Male NPTSTEP Download