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Ball and Plug Valves

Series SOV High Flow Quarter Turn Plug Valves with metallic plug design and large orifices are available in a variety of standard configurations. The Series 4000 quick opening provides “Snap” action opening and closing for low pressure systems.
Design: Quarter Turn Shut Off
Configuration: Dual Ferrule Tube Fitting, NPT and O-Ring Face Seal
Size: 1/4" - 3/4"
Features: Micro-Finished Floating Ball, Large Orifice for High Flow Efficiency, 100% Factory Tested
Design: Brass and Stainless Steel (3000 psi) Metallic Plug Stem Quarter Turn Shut Off Valve
Configuration: Male and Female NPT, Dual Ferrule Tube Connections
Size: 1/8” – 1/2" Inline
Features: Low Torque Design with High Flow rates and Zero Leak Shut Off
• Optional Downstream Vent for Low Pressure Applications
Design: Rugged Quick Acting, Positive Shut Off, Low Pressure Air Switch
Configuration: Male and Female NPT, Inline
Size: 1/8” – 1/4"
• 2 Way Shut Off or 3 Way exhaust the downstream Pressure to Atmosphere