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Vent Relief Valve

1/8” - 1” NPT
.5 - 150 Psig (0.03 - 10.3 bar)


A compact, highly accurate, direct acting pressure relief valve. Factory preset to desired crack pressure and/or flow specifications. Internal adjustment provides tamper proof safety against inadvertent pressure changes. Available vent to atmosphere or inline configurations in brass, aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Valves feature a Quad ring seal which provides for extreme accuracy and repeatability with a narrow reseal band. Optional deflector cap increases flow capacity and provides for deflection of discharge.


  • Accurate and Repeatable Cracking Pressure
  • 100% Factory Preset and Tested
  • Zero Leakage to 95 - 98% of Set Pressure
  • Tamper Proof Adjustment
  • Excellent Reseal Performance
  • Compact Size

Technical Data

  • Set Pressure Range: 0.5 to 150 Psig (0.03 to 10.34 bar)

  • Inline Valves (Series VRVI):
    • Proof Pressure: 400 Psig (28 bar)
    • Burst Pressure: >500 Psig (34 bar)

  • Set Pressure Tolerance: Factory preset
    • < 2 Psig (0.14 bar): +/-10%
    • 2 to 150 Psig (0.14 to 10.3 bar): +/- 5% (on increasing pressure)

  • Reseal:
    • 80% of Set Pressure for valves specified 2 - 10 Psig (0.14 to 0.7 bar)
    • 92% of Set Pressure for valves specified 10 - 150 Psig (0.70 to 10.3 bar)

  • Temperature Range: -320˚F to 400˚F (-195˚C to 205˚C)
         (based on sealing selection, see ordering information)

Dimensional Data

Materials of Construction

Flow Data, Series VRV (Vent to Atmosphere)

Flow Data, Series VRVD (Vent to Atmosphere, with Deflector Cap)

Flow Data, Series VRVI (Inline)

Notes to Flow Data

How to Order

PROPER COMPONENT SELECTION - When specifying a component, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe and trouble-free performance. Intended component function, materials compatibility, pressure ratings, installation, environment and maintenance are the responsibility of the system designer.

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Vent Relief Valve (Vent to Atmosphere)
ModelSizeFile TypeDownload
VRV-1251/8" NPTSTEP Download
VRV-2501/4" NPTSTEP Download
VRV-3753/8" NPTSTEP Download
VRV-5001/2" NPTSTEP Download
VRV-7503/4" NPTSTEP Download
VRV-10001" NPTSTEP Download

Vent Relief Valve (Vent to Atmosphere, with Deflector Cap)
ModelSizeFile TypeDownload
VRVD-1251/8" NPTSTEP Download
VRVD-2501/4" NPTSTEP Download
VRVD-3753/8" NPTSTEP Download
VRVD-5001/2" NPTSTEP Download
VRVD-7503/4" NPTSTEP Download
VRVD-10001" NPTSTEP Download

Vent Relief Valve (Inline)
ModelSizeFile TypeDownload
VRVI-2501/4" NPTSTEP Download
VRVI-3753/8" NPTSTEP Download
VRVI-5001/2" NPTSTEP Download
VRVI-7503/4" NPTSTEP Download