Bi-Lok Fitting CAD Models

Bi-Lok Series D Dual Ferrule Instrument Tube Fittings CAD Models are provided in STEP file format for you to download and view. Please review the the requirements section below to make sure you have the appropriate software required to view these files. If you have any issues with the download or have questions regarding the CAD files, please Contact Us.

For Generant Valve & Regulator CAD Models, please click here.


  • Bi-Lok Series D Dual Ferrule Instrument Tube Fittings CAD Models are provided as STEP files which can be viewed utilizing Solidworks® or any other 3D CAD model viewer.
  • All STEP files have been bundled in to .zip format. A zip software is required to open these files.

How To Select Your Model:

  • The models are all listed via Series and Size only. Material Code does not impact the external models presented here. To select your model, first download the relevant Series and Size, then rename the file to include all other relevant part number information. For example, you can download the “DAN-2-2” model and rename it “DAN-2-2-B” for a Brass requirement or “DAN-2-2-SS for a Stainless Steel requirement. Click the Series “How To Order” tab for instructions on how to specify your part number.
Series Sizes Description Download STEP
DAN AN 37° Flare Adapter Download
DBA Plug Download
DCA Cap Download
DCB Male Pipe Weld Connector Download
DCM O-Seal Male NPT Connector Download
DCO O-Seal Male Straight Thread Connector Download
DCT Male NPT Connector Download
DCTZ Thermocouple Connector Download
DCU SAE/MS Male Straight Thread Connector Download
DCW Tube Socket Weld Union Download
DHA Tube Stub to Male NPT Adapter Download
DHC Tube Stub to Female NPT Adapter Download
DLA Union Elbow Download
DLB Union Elbow Download
DLF Female NPT Elbow Download
DLN Male NPT Elbow Download
DLO Positionable SAE/MS Male Straight Thread Elbow Download
DLW Tube Socket Weld Elbow Download
DNA Nut Download
DOB Back Ferrule Download
DOF Front Ferrule Download
DPC Port Connector Download
DRE Reducer Download
DSA Female NPT Connector Download
DSC Bulkhead Male NPT Connector Download
DSE Bulkhead Adapter Download
DSL Bulkhead Union Elbow Download
DSS Bulkhead Female NPT Connector Download
DSU Bulkhead Union Download
DTA Union Tee Download
DTF Female NPT Run Tee Download
DTH Female NPT Branch Tee Download
DTI Tube Insert Download
DTN Male NPT Branch Tee Download
DTR Reducing Union Tee Download
DUA Union Download
DUC AN 37° Flare Union Download
DUE Bulkhead AN 37° Flare Union Download
DUR Reducing Union Download
DXA Union Cross Download