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Generant was founded in the early 1930’s by Mr. Albert Simon, an engineer and business owner. Mr. Simon started the company with a line of needle valves, filters, lubricators and pressure regulators. Generant held the original patent on the Air Pressure Regulator and began to assemble and market these products to industry. In 1966, Mr. Simon retired and sold the business to his accountant, Mr. Paul Buren. In 1968, Mr. Buren acquired Generant’s largest supplier, Reliable Screw Machine Products. Reliable was a job shop screw machine company. Then in 1972, Mr. Buren further expanded the Screw Machine business with the acquisition of Automatic Screw Machine Products located in Butler NJ. Soon after, Generant Company, Reliable Screw Machine Products and the newly acquired Automatic Screw Machine Company consolidated their manufacturing operations to the Butler, NJ facility. The facility was expanded in 1984 to accommodate the growing operations.

Mr. Buren’s son, Ben Buren, graduated from engineering school in 1984 and was appointed president of Generant Company. Paul Buren continued to focus his efforts on the job shop screw machine business while Ben concentrated his efforts on the valve company. Shortly after, the decision was made to phase out the job shop operations and continue to build the Generant valve product line.

Generant was very successful in gaining market share from many other valve companies due to its ability to manufacture component parts quickly and efficiently. Generant core product lines expanded to include Check and Precision Relief Valves.

Generant quickly established a strong foothold in the Industrial Gas and Cryogenic markets with a reputation as an applications driven, innovative problem solving leader. In 1996, Generant was approached by a Major Gas Producer to develop a better solution for a problem that had plagued the industry for years. This need was satisfied with the introduction of the Series CRV, Cryogenic Relief Valve. This valve rapidly became the industry standard for Block Line Safeties and Liquid Cylinder Relief Valves. The Series CRV was soon being specified by all of the major liquid cylinder manufactures as the OEM valve of choice. Generant continued to build on this success, developing many more innovative product solutions and now enjoys a strong position in the Industrial Gases and Cryogenics, Medical Gases and Equipment, Energy, and Chemicals markets. With our product offering and market presence growing in the instrument valve markets, it was a logical progression to offer products with Dual Ferrule Instrument Tube Fitting Connection options and in 2002 Generant acquired the manufacturing operations of the BI-Lok Ihara Science Company located in Meadville PA. The acquisition included full manufacturing and marketing rights to the established BI-Lok trade name Dual Ferrule Tube Fitting product line in the Americas.

In 2006, Ben Buren sold a large stake in the company to its employees in the form of an ESOP. Ben Buren is still the president and chief engineer and remains the largest single stockholder.

In 2014, Generant became a 100% employee-owned company after Ben Buren sold his remaining interest in the company to the ESOP (employee stock ownership plan).  Ben Buren is still the president and chief engineer and remains instrumental in the daily operations of the business.

Today Generant corporate headquarters are located in Butler NJ where most valve and regulator products are manufactured. The BI-Lok fitting product is manufactured and assembled in Meadville PA.