Cryogenic Regulator, Mini (CRM)

Cryogenic Regulator, Mini (CRM)
Cryogenic Regulator, Mini (CRM)
Cryogenic Regulator, Mini (CRM)

You TubeGenerant's CRM & FLR Series Pressure Regulators

1/4" NPT
Inlet 600 Psig (41.4 bar)


CRM Series pressure regulators provide high flow and quick, positive shut off at the desired set pressure. The regulator design is a non-balanced, spring reference, pressure reducing type regulator. They were designed especially for use as pressure build regulators for cryogenic liquid cylinders but can be used in many other applications. Solid, non-tied diaphragm provides leak-free and long-lasting performance. Optimized diaphragm and adjustment spring designs provide high flow performance. All CRM Series regulators are supplied factory pre-set and cleaned for oxygen service.


  • Optimized for High Flow: Optimized Spring and Diaphragm Design allows for high flow rates and low pressure drop.
  • Quick Shut-Off: Regulators transition from the flowing condition to shut in a tight pressure band.
  • Solid, Non-Tied, Diaphragm: Solid diaphragm eliminates potential leak path and increases sensitivity.
  • Designed for Cryogenics: All materials were selected specifically for use in cryogenic environments.
  • Cleaned for Oxygen Service: Regulators are cleaned for use in Oxygen service standard.

Technical Data

  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 600 Psig (41.4 Bar)
  • Temperature Rating: -320˚F to 200˚F (-196˚C to 93˚C)
  • Full Open Flow Coefficient: 0.51
  • Outlet Pressure Ranges:
    • A Spring – 15 to 65 Psig (1.0 to 4.5 bar)
    • B Spring – 50 to 175 Psig (3.4 to 12.1 bar)
    • C Spring – 150 to 350 Psig (10.3 to 24.1 bar)
    • D Spring – 300 to 525 Psig (20.7 to 36.2 bar)
    • A, B and C Range Springs are interchangeable. D Range Spring requires Chamber Ring
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