Liquid Cylinder Valve (LCV)

Liquid Cylinder Valve (LCV)
Liquid Cylinder Valve (LCV)

You TubeGenerant's LCV Series Relief Valves

1/4” NPT
Set Pressure Range 22 - 500 Psig (1.5 – 34.5 Bar)


The Series LCV Liquid Cylinder Pressure Control/Relief Valve is designed exclusively for use on DOT 4L Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders. The LCV dramatically reduces the noise associated with traditional cylinder relief device discharge. Under normal operating conditions, the LCV optimizes cylinder performance by venting only what is required to maintain cylinder pressure in a tight band. In the event that circumstances demand, the LCV has adequate flow capacity to insure safety, meeting all industry and regulatory requirements.


  • Designed exclusively for use on DOT 4L Liquid Cylinders
  • Eliminates disruptive “pop” historically associated with traditional cylinder relief devices
  • Incorporates the customer proven “Dirt Guard” poppet
  • Accurately maintains and controls cylinder pressure minimizing product loss
  • Exceeds industry and regulatory flow capacity requirements
  • Complies with OSHA sound level regulations
  • Extensively field qualified
  • OEM approved and endorsed
  • Cleaned and packaged for Oxygen service standard

Technical Data

  • Nominal Set Pressure Range: 22 – 500 Psig (1.5 to 34.5 Bar)
  • Factory Set Tolerance*:
    • Set Pressure ≥ 72.5 Psig, ± 3%
    • Set Pressure < 72.5 Psig, ± 2.175 PSI
      *tolerance specifications per EN ISO 4126-1.
  • Zero Leakage to 95% of Set Pressure
  • Reseat: 90% of set pressure
  • Temperature Rating: -320º to 350º F (-196º C to 176º C) based on seal material

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