Absolute Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)

Absolute Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)
Absolute Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)
Absolute Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)

1/4" NPT, Dual Ferrule Tube
15.0 - 24.0 PSIA (1.02 - 1.65 Bar)


The Generant Series APRV, Absolute Pressure Relief Valve, is a spring reference over pressure protection device for applications requiring constant set pressure independent of changes in ambient pressure (altitude). The valve was developed primarily for use with liquid helium dewars and the valve has been extensively tested to verify that the valve can withstand the extreme cold environment (FS Seals). Valves come factory preset with set pressures ranging from 15.0 to 24.0 PSIA (1.02 to 1.65 Bar). Relief pressure can be discharged to atmosphere or to a downstream connection.


  • Supplied Factory Preset
  • 100% Factory Tested for Leakage, Crack and Reseat Performance
  • Minimal Set Pressure Drift due to change in ambient pressure
  • Qualified for Extreme Low Temperature applications
  • High Flow Capacity and Excellent Reseat Performance
  • Discharge to Atmosphere or Inline Piping Configurations

Technical Data

  • Set Pressure Range: 15.0 to 24.0 PSIA (1.02 to 1.65 bar)
  • Factory Set Tolerance: +/-0.5 PSI
  • Reseat: 92% of Set Pressure in PSIA
  • Temperature Rating: -80˚F to 350˚F (-62˚C to 176˚C

    Materials of Construction

    • Available in Brass

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