Combination Pressure Build – Economizer (GEM)

Combination Pressure Build – Economizer (GEM)
Combination Pressure Build – Economizer (GEM)
Combination Pressure Build – Economizer (GEM)

You TubeGenerant's GEM Series Mini Combo PBE Regulator

1/4" NPT
Inlet 600 Psig (41.4 bar)


GEM Series combo pressure build-economizer regulators offer optimum performance for cryogenic liquid cylinders. The regulators are designed for fast pressure building, steady head pressure during all use conditions, and maximum efficiency economization when cylinder pressure is near relief valve setting. The pressure-build and economizer functions are completely separated which eliminates function overlap and improves overall cylinder efficiency. GEM Series regulators provide high flow and quick, positive shut off at the desired set pressure. Solid, non-tied diaphragm allows for leak-free and long-lasting performance. All GEM Series regulators are supplied factor pre-set and cleaned for oxygen service.


  • Optimized for Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders: Designed to exceed the PB and Economizer performance of current market offerings for cryogenic liquid cylinders.
  • Separate PB and Econ Functions: Design maintains separation between pressure build and economizer functions to eliminate overlap.
  • Maximized Economizer Flow: Regulators are designed for maximum economizer flow performance, minimizing product loss.
  • Solid, Non-Tied, Diaphragm: Solid diaphragm eliminates potential leak path and increases sensitivity.
  • Cylinder Pressure Maintained at High Draw Rates.
  • Easily Retro-Fittable to all Existing Cylinder Configurations.
  • Cleaned for Oxygen Service: Regulators are cleaned for use in Oxygen service standard.

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