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Home—With almost a century’s worth of industry experience, Generant is a leading manufacturer of pressure and flow control products. Committed to quality, consistency, and efficiency, we effectively serve those within the cryogenics, biotechnology, power generation, and more.

Products—With a full product offering of relief valves, cryogenic products, and regulators, Generant is able to fulfill the highest demands of industries across the spectrum. Browse our product selection, consisting of check valves, ball and plug valves, cryogenic liquid cylinder accessories, high-pressure gas control valves, needle valves, and more. For those with a need that we have not met through our current product listing, we are proud to offer custom solutions to suit your unique demands.

Resources—To help customers gain the insight needed to select tools for their operations, Generant offers a selection of resources including user instructions, product catalogs, and calculators.

About—Generant boasts an impressive company history, holding the original patent on the Air Pressure Regulator and serving as a leading problem solver for the most demanding of industries. Learn more about our valve manufacturing company’s nearly 100-year history.

Contact—Whether you’d like to learn more about working with Generant to fulfill your demands or would like to inquire about our custom solutions, we invite you to contact our team of valve suppliers.

Disclaimer—Though Generant is committed to providing the most accurate and timely of information, we cannot make any representations or guarantees. View our disclaimer to learn more.

Careers—Interested in joining a team of leading valve manufacturers and suppliers? Learn more about career opportunities with Generant.