Check Valve (CV)

Check Valve (CV)
Check Valve (CV)

1/8” - 2” NPT
MAWP up to 4500 Psig


High flow, zero leak, low pressure drop check valve suitable for many fluid and gas applications. Fully guided poppet with free floating O-ring design is extremely tolerant of particulate contamination. A metal to metal positive stop in both the open and checked position protects O-ring and spring from over-stress fatigue. Zero external leakage is achieved by the utilization of a static O-ring seal with PTFE backup ring. When specified with the proper seal material, these valves are ideally suited to cryogenic system applications.

Technical Data

  • Nominal Crack Pressures: .15, 1, 3 & 8 Psig (0.01, 0.07, 0.21 & 0.55 bar)
  • Leakage: Zero to maximum operating pressure.
    • PTFE seals may require back pressure to seal leak-tight.
  • Temperature Rating:
    • -320°F to 450°F (-195°C to 232°C)based on seal material
  • Maximum Operating Pressures up to 4500 Psig (310 bar)

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