Industries Served by a Trusted Valve Manufacturer

For over 75 years, Generant has manufactured high-quality valves for use across a broad spectrum of industries. Our versatile product line includes relief valves, check valves, and pressure regulators designed to suit a variety of applications. Taking a customer-centric approach to consultation and product development and backed by years of engineering expertise, we are capable of fulfilling the most demanding of industry requirements and have gained the experience necessary to satisfy the needs of national and global clients.   

Here’s a look at some of the industries we serve: 

  • Cryogenics – Our cryogenic products are the industry standard used by major gas companies and equipment manufacturers globally.
  • Oil and Gas Markets – Generant valves are used throughout the exploration, extraction, transporting, refining, and distribution phases of energy and chemical markets.
  • Power Generation – Generant valves are utilized in power generation applications across the world.
  • Chemical Processing – We provide a variety of products for the chemical and petrochemical processing industries, including regulators, check valves and relief valves. Our products are offered in a wide range of materials of construction with many seal material compounds ensuring compatibility in harsh chemical environments.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology – Generant Valve products are used in Instrument control circuits, gas blanketing, and process control applications in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing – The semiconductor manufacturing process utilizes many unique gases that require robust, reliable, and safe controls. Generant offers valves and regulators used in key phases of semiconductor manufacturing: deposition, patterning, and removal.
  • Research Instrumentation – Our extensive applications engineering experience and in-house manufacturing flexibility provide research labs and testing facilities with the required understanding of the intended use and desired result of a fluid control circuit.
  • Medical Devices – Generant Company is well versed in the understanding of the regulatory environment required by equipment manufacturers of medical devices.  Generant has a broad standard product offering along with the ability to react quickly and cost-effectively to develop custom designed product solutions.

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