Pilot Pressure Regulator (PR)

Pilot Pressure Regulator (PR)
Pilot Pressure Regulator (PR)
Pilot Pressure Regulator (PR)

1/4" NPT
Max Inlet Pressure 400 Psig (27.6 Bar)
Outlet Pressure Range 0 – 200 Psig (13.6 bar)


Generant Series PR, Pilot Pressure Regulators are balanced, relieving regulators ideally suited for providing a reliable, constant pilot pressure to a Pilot Operated / Dome Loaded regulator. The balanced design allows for a consistent, regulated downstream pressure regardless of fluctuations in inlet pressure. The relieving function allows the regulator to vent when adjustments are made without the need for bleeding pressure from the pilot circuit. Materials of construction allow for compatibility with most gases. The Series PR can be ordered Cleaned & Packaged for Oxygen Service.


  • Balanced Design to Minimize Outlet Pressure Fluctuations upon Changing Inlet Pressure
  • Relieving Design Suitable for Pilot Pressure Applications
  • Optimized spring performance and patented Venturi tube provides high flow rates with low droop
  • Easily cleanable by removing bottom plug
  • Optional Plastic knob and Panel Mounting Configurations

Technical Data

  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 400 Psig (27.6 Bar)
  • Effect of Inlet Pressure Variation: < 1.0 Psig / 100 Psig
  • Temperature Rating: -20 to 200 °F (-30 to 95 °C)

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